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For the parents, just so that they will not feel left out, a section just for you. In it you will find links specifically to World Wide Web issues, net safety software, and other sites of related interest. We hope you will share the WWW with your children - or the other way around!!

* Larry Magid's Child Safety Online - A page dedicated to addressing the issues of child safety on the Internet. Other informative lines and information. A must see!

* Child Safety on the Information Highway - The Benefits of the Information Highway. Putting the Issue in Perspective. What Are the Risks? How Parents Can Reduce the Risks. Guidelines for Parents. My Rules for Online Safety and related issues.

* Child Find Canada Online Home Page - A place of refuge for kids & parents concerned with protecting each other.

* Parents & Children Together Online - A Magazine for Parents and Children on the Worldwide Web

* Child CyberSEARCH

* The award-winning Internet project, Child CyberSEARCH Canada, has launched an international Internet campaign in recognition of Missing Children. Come visit the site, and support the search for missing children worldwide.

Internet Security Software

Products for Kids

Have you got what it takes to Yo-Yo ... Prove It!
Have you got what it takes to Yo-Yo ... Prove It!

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