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We hope that you will take the time to follow some of these really exciting links. This page is here for you to enjoy. Tell your parents that there is neat stuff here for YOU, not them! (Go to this page for a Section for Parents). Feel free to come back often, we will be changing the links as we find new ones. Let us know if you have a link that should be included. You have to check out our section of pages "By Kids - For Kids" (below). Have Fun!

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Sites for Kids

* An Awesome Site for All Ages - Cartoon cyber cat & dog present witty ClickToons (all ages), illustrated kids picture stories online, child Knock Knock jokes, and family DropBox humor.

* Muppet Page - Meet all your favourite Muppet characters from the TV Shows & Movies.

* Theodore Tugboat - Based upon the popular Canadian book series. A place to read the stories, and find out more about Theodore and his friends.

* The Children's Sonshine Network - The Children's Sonshine Network has added a great site for kids on the WWW. It includes fun links and "nutty news," strange but true stories.

* Soda Pop's Fun House - A totally safe kids web site, with listings of approx 200 kid links - which is nothing unique to the Internet. But what is unique, and can only be found at my site are the following things: A huge collection of photos of clowns from around the world, complete with names, and information on each clown. A kid's magic page. Soda Pop coloring pages. 'The Magic Pillow', a book written and illustrated by myself. A Soda Pop Fan Club page. A joke page with jokes sent in by children.

* Aristoplay - Features games, interactive activities online and our free newsletter. Lots of value for Kids, Teachers, Homeschoolers and Academics.

* Walt Disney Home Page - What would a Kid's link page without a chance to visit Disney's world.

* Canadian Kid's Homepage - The Internet and the World-Wide Web have lots of fun and interesting things for you to do and see. This page will lead you to some of these great things that we have found.

* Ontario Science Centre - One of the world's leading hands-on science and technology museums with over 800 exhibits, education programs, demonstrations and public events. A place of learning and discovery, while having fun. Now that does not happen often! SciZone & Kid's Links - Just for Fun at OSC

* Sharon, Lois & Bram's club-E - Welcome to club-E. E is for Elephant and that's me. Sh-boom sh-boom, Skinnamarink, Jock-a-mo fee-nah-nay! I love music don't you? Follow me, I will show you around and introduce you to some of my friends. We have lots of fun things to do here.

* Jack Will - Children's Entertainer - I have a great site for children - with music, a contest, and lots of cartoons. Come and check us out!

* Katie's Quest - Online story from South Africa - Katie's Quest is an online book for 4 to 8 year-olds that allows you to change the characters' names to make it more personal. You can also print out the pages to colour them in, so it becomes a colouring-in book as well! It is also a very exciting adventure story!

* The Planet Troll - PLANET TROLL's virtual playground destination offers unique programming with animated children's trivia games, creativity programs for writing and drawing, fun activities, teaching tips and a variety of other interactive applications for children, parents and teachers. Features are updated each month. Currently, children can make their choice for President at the "voting voice box" and "go on surfari" at the Cybersurfari hunt site. Come by and enjoy yourself!

* CLAUS.COM - Earn your Honorary Elf Diploma by completing Elf School. Check your rating on Santa's Naughty or Nice List. Find out the Top Ten Ways to make sure you're on the Nice list. Create your personalized Christmas list in the Library of Funology. See what Santa is up to when he's not in the Toy Workshop. Try some of Mrs. Claus's favorite recipes. Play games with the elves and reindeer. Get daily updates on toy production in the Workshop. Send Santa E-mail, and receive E-mail back from him. Track Santa's progress all across the world on Christmas Eve... right to your house!

* WorldVillage KIDZ - Hang out with Billy Bear and friends at this safe playground for kids. Join for free and receive a monthly newsletter full of comics from Uncle Ron, crossword puzzles, wordsearches and mazes, a post office complete with e-pen pals, and much more. Also, register to win the CD-Rom, "Rev Up for Reading!"

* William Willya - Welcome to my web site! It's a special place to play. My name is William Willya and I'm here most every day. There are pictures you can download.There are games to play on-line. And what's cool about my web site is it's growing all the time! So come on by, there's a lot to do and see. I hope you'll visit often, 'cuz you've found a friend in me!

* ACEKids - Your one-stop family entertainment and educational information site since 1995. Be sure to try the unique Incredible Bagel Maker, and make your own animated bagel person; apply for the "Cool Link" award, and enter the contests.

[New] * Headbone Interactive - What are stars for?....Why is the sky blue?....Why are ghosts invisible?....Why does popcorn pop?....How are mountains made?....How many zebras are there in Zaire?....How come snakes have no feet?....These are some of the questions that Svelte Velma the Swine is getting from kids every day at Headbone Interactive. "Hey Velma, How Come?" is one of many online activities that kids and parents can play with the kindly characters at Headbone. Come by and check us out.

* The String Fairy - A great site for children - with music, a contest, and lots of cartoons. Come and check us out! "Hey Kids, I'm the string Fairy. Please come and visit me and learn about my life when I used to be a plain old ordinary fairy on the Isle of Gannder. Meet my friends Owlsy and JumpStart, and the Very Bad Trolls. Most importantly, please write back and tell me what you think. The String Fairy site on the world wide web welcomes children, parents, educators and anyone with a strong imagination to visit.

[New] * Nabisco Kids - Nabisco Kids is a brand new site created just for kids that puts them behind the most awesome adventure in all of cyberspace. There is so much going on at this new site that it would most certainly make a great link on your extensive list of children's sites. There is a really cool shockwave game, an e'zine just for kids with cd, movie, and game reviews, cool Nabisco gear, a talk back section just for kid's opinions and much more...

[New] * - Here at, you will find engaging educational content for your child, all original and done especially for your child's learning experience. These pages are updated regularly with new activities and curriculum. We look forward to your feedback, as well as your comments to improve and extend this site to better suit your child's needs.

[New] * Education by Design - An Australian Web Site that provides learning activities for children and an educational resource for parents. Kids can brush up on their Maths skills by playing the online Maths games or they can show off their writing talent to the world by publishing their stories, jokes and poems. There is also scrambler, a great way for kids to test their puzzling skills. Parents can gain a valuable insight into children's learning by accessing the information on language, maths and behaviour.

[New] * Science & Nature for Kids - A great new resource for science and nature has arrived on the Web! Science & Nature for Kids offers the best for kids. Weekly articles and events, best of list, resource library, chat and more. I invite you to share the best the web has to offer parents, teachers, and students!

[New] * "The Science Guy's" - This is Bill Nye "The Science Guy's" homepage. This is one of the coolest site on the web for kids of all ages! It has all sorts of neat and unusual info. We highly recomend it for everyone! Enjoy!! K & T

[New] * Becky's Kool Kid Web Page - "This page is a collection of interesting stuff for older kids. There is a little bit of everything from free music and art lessons, to cartoon links and books as well as cool science and nature links. It also has good places to travel in the southeast U.S. as well as Girl Scout links"

[New] * The Kid's Channel -Ongoing monthly kid's artwork contest. Win an awesome award. Java enabled. Games. Jokes. Stories. Upcoming pet page. We want your submissions. Digital Postcards.

[New] * SpaceKids - SpaceKids is a magical, interactive story of a little boy and and his older sister's adventures in search of their lost Grandfather. A free interactive demo of this computer game can be downloaded at the SpaceKids website.


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Sites for Kids - By Kids

* 'Positively Poetry' - A great site for kids of all ages. This site is updated as soon as a new poem is received and every month an Editor's Choice poem is chosen from all the poems that have been posted. (Webmaster's Choice for Excellence - site is managed by 13 year old Kellie Vaughn - Check it out!)

Winnie the Pooh and An Exposition to A Wonderful Place - Take a look at one of the most popular children's story characters - Winnie the Pooh, and his Friends - Developed and maintained by a 12 year old girl. Looks great - check it out. Other Winnie the Pooh pages...

* Kidopedia - Encyclopedia by kids and for kids. Another great place to learn, as taught by other kids!

* Sport's Illustrated For Kids - The world of Sports from through the eyes of kids, and geared for kids!

* B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - Welcome to Nessy's Wild Toon World. Please be careful that the spirits do not zap you! I lose more visitors that way! I love Pogs and Toons, too. My name is B.J. and I am 9 years old. I use the Internet to help me with my homework. My dad and I have found more than 130 terrific sites on the internet that can help you with your homework. Hope you enjoy my home page. We are constantly making changes and adding on to this web page so you can expect it to continue growing. Come and check us out.

* A Girls World - This is the space where girls rule the place! Your hosts, Amy, Rachel, Geri, and Tessa, invite you to explore their clubhouse. Make new friends. Meet incredible women. Create fun stuff. Share giggles and grins. Amaze your friends with fun facts and features. Read secret diaries. There's a whole world to explore here, girl! So get busy. Come on in!

[New] * Keypals Club International - Welcome to our club! My name is Lauren Dado and I am 10 years old. I am the President of the Keypals Club International which has over 400 members from 27 different countries. In our club, we get to know more about our keypals and your keypal's keypal! Sasha, my keypal and I started this club while we were chatting at the Kids Com Graffiti Wall.

[New] * Kyle's Kool Kid's Stuff - Please come by and check out my site. It's my homepage and it has all the great links that all kids like. All links are kid safe and interesting. I have a great collection of homework helpers, college and career information as well as a lot more fun stuff for kids.


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[New] * Kid's Wheeeels - If your kids need a set of wheels, this site's for you. They have wheels for kiddies of all ages.

[New] * Kid's Toys & Products

Have you got what it takes to Yo-Yo ... Prove It!
Have you got what it takes to Yo-Yo ... Prove It!

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