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Rack 'em Up and Hit the Road!

... Thule Roof and Trunk Racks - The Standard ...

Thule has been expanding the horizons of cycling and other outdoor activities with their line of roof racks and trunk racks. The Thule roof rack system is the standard by which all other rack systems are judged. No other roof rack system can match Thule's precise fit - and fit is everything when transporting expensive bikes or other sports equipment. To achieve such a careful fit, Thule examines every car make and model. Every roof is measured and kits are made to fit the contour of each model of car. The racks are sold as a system which consists of three basic parts: towers, 'fit kit', and load bars. Towers come in different styles for cars with raingutters, without rain gutters, or with existing factory installed roof racks. The load bars come in three widths. Fit kits come in hundreds of different models to precisely fit any car. The fact that the fit kits come in so many models is what sets Thule apart from all the others. Cars without raingutters require a precise fit. Without it the car's doors won't close properly, roof damage may occur, and the rack may not stay tight.

Thule also makes a complete line of accessories. For example, there are five different bike holders. With this and other accessories, Thule is the most versatile rack you could own. Don't trust your bikes to cheap roof racks - invest in the best - Thule roof racks.

Thule also makes trunk racks for bikes. Trunk racks involve less lifting to mount the bikes and are considerably less expensive. Thule trunk racks fit as well as their roof racks. A convenient "dial a fit" system allows the trunk rack to be quickly and easily mounted to most cars. The construction of the racks is also first rate. Everything from the rubber bike cradles to the sturdy steel frame is of the highest quality. Trust Thule roof and trunk racks for all your recreational equipment! See them on the Web at

... Trace Hitch Mounted Racks ...

Hitch mounted bike carriers are available for every type of hitch. The advantage of a hitch mount rack is that the hitch carries the weight of the bikes not the car's trunk or bumper. Nothing rests on the car's finish to mark the paint. The down side is that most hitch mount racks don't allow you to pull a trailer and use the bike carrier at the same time.

The Trace bike carrier, however, allows you to use both the bike carrier and the trailer hitch. The key is Trace's unique mounting bracket which sets the bike carrier beside the hitch ball. This also allows a ball hitch carrier that is easily removed when not in use. Trace racks fit up to 2 bikes for $89.99US or $119.98Cdn, 3 bikes for $97.49US or $129.98Cdn, and 4 bikes for only $119.99US or $159.98Cdn.

PS: A great accessory for any trunk rack is the Trace Tie Down Strap. Price, $7.49US or $9.98Cdn.

Helmets That Stay Put!

Mid-priced helmets now feature many of the innovations found only on more expensive helmets in the past. Improved fit, better venting, and reduced weight are just a few of the features that make 1996 helmets a great deal. Specialized and Giro are two companies that are making great helmets affordable.

Giro has been the leader in helmet design. One of Giro's greatest innovations is the Roc Loc. Developed three years ago for professional mountain bikers this Roc Loc assures the best possible fit. What sets the Roc Loc apart from other retention systems is that the Roc Loc is independent of the retention straps.

This allows the retention straps to be adjusted to keep the helmet secure and the Roc Loc can be adjusted to make the helmet sit on your head like a favorite hat.

The Giro Ricochet RL features the RocLoc retention system. It also has the sleek styling cyclist have come to expect from Giro. Seven vents channel air though the helmet and suck out hot air keeping you cool and comfortable. Another cool feature of the Giro Ricochet RL is the detachable visor. Check out this great helmet from Giro, just $82.49US or $109.98Cdn.

Specialized takes a slightly different approach to helmet fit and retention. Their system, called Brainlock, brings the straps of the helmet down low at the back of the head. This system holds the helmet snugly to the head without the helmet feeling uncomfortably tight. The Brainlock spreads the straps at the back of the helmet and helps keep them from getting twisted.

The Air Wave helmet from Specialized features eight large vents with three air channels to keep you cool. The Air Wave is incredibly light too, just 9 0z. The Specialized Air Wave helmet sells for $52.49US or $69.98Cdn.

If you are looking for a new helmet Giro and Specialized have great products to offer.

Tech Tips: Fixing a Flat

Flat tires can happen to anyone at anytime. You may not get a flat for five years, then get three in one week. Don't cry, just fix 'em!! Just follow Curtis's 6 Steps to Fixed Tire Bliss:

Step 1:
Remove the afflicted wheel either by its quick-release mechanism, or with the properly sized wrench. Don't use Vice-grips.

Step 2:
Remove the tire and tube using tire levers or a Quick Stick(tm). Don't use screwdrivers or spoons because you will likely pinch the tube and/or damage the rim.

Step 3:
Check for the cause of the flat by inflating the tube to inspect the hole. A snake-bite pattern indicates a pinch flat, which usually means the tire was a little under-inflated and pinched as you hit a bump of some kind. A single hole indicates a puncture, so make sure the offending item is not still stuck in the tire.

Step 4:
After patching or replacing the tube, pump in just enough air to give it some shape. Put the lightly inflated tube into the tire, then carefully wrap the tire into the rim one side at a time. It's a good idea to slide the valve into the valve hole first. Again, save the screwdrivers for screws, and the spoons for soup.

Step 5:
Inflate. First add only about 10 psi, then check to see that the tire is on properly. Now fill the tire to the recommended pressure.

Step 6:
Re-install the wheel. This is the most important part because incorrect installation can cause serious injury. Double check that the wheel is tight and correctly aligned.

Steve: Pro Shop Manager

Steve looks after the stocking of the Parts Department and Pro Shop. He also takes care of special orders and requests. Steve is an experienced mechanic and excellent wheel builder. If you need parts to repair or upgrade your bike Steve is the man to see!

Braun's Cycling Club News

Here it is July of the Cycling Club's third year. Who would have thought when we started out with only twelve people, we would get to two hundred in this short time!

There are five Tuesday night rides in July. On July 14th the Sunday ride is to New Hamburg (Ontario Canada). This is a new ride for the club this year, so we are looking forward to it. See you there!

Also our Century Ride is on September 15th. Everyone should be getting in shape for this 100km challenge. We hope for a good turn out. Last year's Century was was a great success.

Don't forget our weekend trip to Manitoulin Island (Ontario Canada). The dates are September 20, 21, and 22, 1996. Plan ahead. This trip will be a lot of fun.

That is all for this month and thank you for attending our media night. Thanks especially for your patience. The media night was a great success.

To sign up for the weekend trip, or for more information about the Club in general, call Roger Braun at Braun's or contact the club coordinator by email at, or visit the Club's Web Site at

Classified Ad - Robert's Raaave!

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