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Braun's Bicycle and Fitness gets wired!

With over 70 years in the cycling and fitness business, Brauns is adding five new locations -- in cyberspace! Braun's Bicycle & Fitness now has five internet locations to compliment Braun's long time downtown Kitchener Ontario Canada presence. Province-wide recognition of being a friendly and knowledgeable source of cycling and fitness products has 2nd and 3rd generation customers coming back.

Braun's is a company always striving do it better, do it easier, and do it more effectively. They went on-line to balance tradition with the need to be part of the latest technologies. Braun's answered the call of their customers to bring the service and selection of the Scott St. store to their home.

Here's how they did it. Braun's looked at some of their extensive marketing statistics. What they found was:

Braun's recognizes the importance of all their customers -- both local and distant. They also recognize people's time constraints. Thus, they have made it possible to complete most purchases through the internet. All you need is a computer with a modem, an internet connection, a World Wide Web Browser (such as Netscape®) and you are ready to shop at Braun's without even getting dressed!

Internet users from across Canada and around the world can now peruse the several Braun's internet sites featuring interactive colour catalogues. What customers will find is the latest in bicycling accessories, components, car carriers, kids trailers & add-a-bikes, sun glasses, etc. The official launch date for their latest site, "Braun's Online", was March 5, 1996.

Braun's Internet Store Locations

BRAUNS ONLINE Bicycle & fitness accessories, parts, trailers, eyewear, car racks etc.
Spokes Plus Unique cycling items & cycling jewelry
Club Tread Report Newsletters Newsletter of interesting product reviews, tech tips, and specials
Club Tread Monthly Specials Continually changing list of extra special deals on cycle accessories


Mountain bikes have taken cycling farther into the mainstream than anyone thought possible. The mountain bike "lifestyle" has spawned its own fashion. These are not the bright skin tight clothes of the past, but are versatile, functional, and stylish clothing that still makes a statement. The leaders in bicycling technology have developed cycling threads that are rugged, stylish, functional, and funkatronic.

Bad Goods by Syncros is clothing designed to withstand the same daily wear and tear that made their bike parts famous. To quote Syncros: "everyday gear needs to look so hip -- it hurts, and be able to survive the inevitable 'biffs and bails' that are part of every ride."

Using the best in traditional materials and the latest in cutting edge technical fabrics, Bad Goods fashion is unique and functional clothing for every occasion. Look for the Highland Vest and Highland Pullover made of ultra warm Berber Vapex(tm) with wind-proof inner barrier, two zipped pockets and stand up collar. They are perfect for chilly morning rides or for chillin' by a campfire. Other great duds include shorts with pockets that actually work while riding, and a retro '40s style skirt with a full lycra cycling short underneath.

Raceface Performance Threads are smart fashions for on and off the bike -- part retro, part grunge, and just a good solid design. Made with the finest materials, Raceface clothing will stand the test of time and the toughest trails. Check out the spring and winter jackets and don't miss their cotton cycling jersey. These clothes aren't loud. They don't need to be because action speaks louder than words. Try this stuff out and ask yourself why would anyone wear clothes you can't also ride a bike in?

Rocky Mountain turns 15 this year. The "Total Commitment" theme is continued this year on their 100% cotton T-shirts.

Rocky Mountain's commitment to quality is clearly reflected in the material and workmanship of these casual cycling lifestyle clothes. Noteworthy are the casual jersey made of cotton and coolmax(tm). It is a comfy top that is perfect for cycling and fine for just hanging out. For those looking to make a statement about their bicycle loyalties, the Classic winter coat made with suede leather is beautifully styled and will leave no doubt where your your commitment lies.

Cycling Club News

To all Club Tread members who are not cycling club members!

If you are a Club Tread member you obviously own a bike and like to ride. But where to ride? Who to ride with? What to do?

Answer: Join the Braun's Cycling Club and all questions will be answered! We will supply the destination, a group of people to ride with (who are equal in ability to yourself), and interesting things to see and do.

If you hesitate to join the Cycling Club because you think you are not in good enough shape don't worry! This club is for recreational riders. We do it for fun and fitness. We are not practicing for the Tour De France. Take your time. Ride with us every week and by the end of the season you will be ready for the 'metric century' ride -- a 100 km in a one day ride. As Jim Milligan (the club president) said, "I did it! My wife did it! You can do it too!"

March is our pre-registration month. Come to Braun's Bicycle and Fitness on Scott St. and register early. Send email to the club coordinator at for details.

Remember When?

The first BRAUN bicycle, 1981. This Canadian made racing bike offered 12-speeds and alloy parts -- how cutting edge!

Classified Ad

March Bike Sale

Purchase any in stock bike and receive 1O% off regular price of everything else purchased with the bike! ! !

helmets - locks - racks - bells - shorts - glasses - lube - bags - tools - bar-ends - saddles - car racks - jerseys - cycle computers - fenders - gloves - lights - etc.

From March 18/96 to March 23/96

Braun's Bicycle and Fitness
27 Scott Street,
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2H 2P8


Fax: 519-579-8723
Phone: 519-579-BIKE

Internet Web Site:

Tech Tips: Repair On The Go

No matter where, how far, or how often you ride, you are not exempt from the occasional roadside/trailside mechanical failure. Few things snap you back into harsh reality quicker than the unmistakable sound of a deflated tire slapping on pavement or that free spinning sensation after your chain breaks and lies on the trail like a road-killed snake.

Flat tires are probably the most common cycling problem. The necessary tools to fix a flat tire include a replacement tube of the correct size, tire levers, a patch kit (flats sometimes occur more than once), and a pump or CO² inflator with extra cartridges. Although stuffing your tire with hay will work in a jam, proper tools will save the hassle and the day.

Broken chains happen often enough to warrant the purchase of a chain tool. A broken chain can turn your bike into a big awkward skateboard faster than you can say "oops...ouch!!!!" A chain tool can get you back pedaling the beast.

Other handy tools to have along are: a multi gauge spoke wrench, allen keys, 8-9-10mm wrenches, tiestraps, and duct tape. (These tools can be found at Oh ya, always carry some cash as well.

Focus on Curtis Gloade - Racer

Curtis is an expert class mountain bike racer. He is also an eight-year employee of Braun's Bicycle & Fitness. Now the service manager, his expertise in repair and his experience as an expert class racer are real assets to Braun's customers. When Curtis isn't turning a wrench, you can find him training on the roads and trails of Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada. [Picture of Curtas after a Race]

Club Tread - This Month's Specials

"A changing selection of bicycle accessories - Always On Sale - Changes Every Month!"

Each month, Club Tread offers specially selected cycling products at greatly reduced prices to those on its mailing list. The selection is different each month. Prices are usually 25% - 50% off.

These specials, including pictures, are available at the Club Tread Monthly Bike Accessory Specials web site located at:

The current specials are only available until the end of the month, and only while supplies last. Shop early to avoid disappointment.

Club Tread -- Where You Save Money!

We hope you enjoyed this issue!

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