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Festival '96 with Franklin Graham

October 5-9, 1996 in Kitchener Ontario Canada

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The Goal and Message

To mobilize the Christian community to assemble as many people as possible to hear the message that Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth, and the life"; to give opportunity for personal commitment; and to relate inquirers to a local church for follow-up and Christian nurture.


The Organization

Each crusade us established as an individual non-profit corporation, and a local Executive Committee of representative laypersons and ministers serves as the controlling body for the crusade. This committee establishes policy. controls the budget and expenditure of funds, and is responsible for the ministry and outreach of the crusade.

Since involvement and mobilization of local churches is critical to the success of the crusade, a participating church is defined as one which organizes a Church Cabinet, usually composed of seven persons: the Minister, a Congregational Coordinator, an Attendance/Operation Andrew Mobilizer, a Children's Mobilizer, a Christian Life and Witness Class, Usher Mobilizer, Prayer and Choir Mobilizer, and a Student Mobilizer.

With the help of these people, the church can be mobilized through planning, information sharing, distribution of crusade materials, and recruitment of volunteers for different areas of involvement. These people are helped in their task through the assistance of local Working Committees, and a Crusade Director assigned by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The work of the Church Cabinet extends over only a few months time.


The Method

God uses many methods of evangelism, and the crusade is one. A Franklin Graham Crusade, like a Billy Graham Crusade, can be compared to an iceberg - the crusade services are part of the most visible part. The unseen portions of the crusade - the preparation on the part of Christians and the preservation of the results in the local church - make Franklin Graham's proclamation of the Gospel all worthwhile.

A Franklin Graham Crusade is built upon the principles and experience of Billy Graham Crusades. From the earliest days of preparation to post crusade follow-up, it follows the God blessed pattern developed over the years by Billy Graham and his team. A Franklin Graham Crusade is not just in the community a few day, and then gone. It's a Spirit-led event that begins months before, through the efforts of people like yourself, and that continues to effect shape lives for days, months and many years afterwards - and for eternity.

A Franklin Graham Crusade is an effective tool to assist the local church in reconciling men, women and young people to God and each other in Christ Jesus, and in strengthening the local congregation through involvement and training opportunities. In fact, it is often said that there are seven ways that a Franklin Graham Crusade can benefit you and your church...


The Follow-up Policy

All crusades are inquirers are asked by counselors to state their church preference; this is recorded on the counseling card. According to the inquirers' stated preference, copies of the counseling cards are sent to participating churches for follow-up and nurture.

In cases where inquirers have stated a non-participating church preference, the individuals are referred for follow-up and nurture with to a lay counselor especially trained by the Crusade Director. At the request of the inquirer, a ministers information copy is sent to the stated church preference.

In case where inquires have not stated a church preference or have indicated a non christian assembly, the ministers' information copies of the counseling cards will be sent to the participating church closest to the individuals home.

Pray For:

* Franklin Graham and other team members
* Spiritual renewal in your community
* Your friends and relatives who need Jesus Christ
* That the financial needs will be met
* The Crusade Executive Committee as they make decisions
* God's leading in your involvement in this outreach opportunity


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